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Don't let other SEO agencies fool you. Organic Search Results are 8.5X more likely to be clicked than PPC placements. We can turn local businesses that only bring in 5% of their leads online to the majority of them coming from Organic Search Results.

We Provide Expert Level And Proven SEO Services

Innovative marketing combined with tested and proven proprietary algorithm analysis lets us know exactly what it takes to place you first for any keyword.

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No More Contracts

We're confident about our skills and ability to obtain results. That's why we'll never lock you into a long-term contract. After all, if you're paying a company to bring more customers, why should you have to stick around if they don't deliver?


We do not outsource any of our work. Everything is done in-house. All of our proprietary strategies are designed, tested, and implemented all by ourselves at Jack Kim SEO.

Monthly reports

We will send monthly reports and ranking updates each and every month. Have a question? Feel free to contact us and we'll answer all your questions.

Our Service

If your business is looking for more customers in the area, you are in the perfect place to find Canon City SEO. Our services are tailored to help local businesses bring in more organic traffic and more more business regardless of the industry you're in.

As you can see in our home page,  we specialize in search engine optimization, online lead generation, video marketing, and re-targeting services. However, we provide similar services under the umbrella of internet marketing, and customize our marketing efforts based on each individual client. Not only can we get your website and other web properties ranked to the top of the search engines like Google – but we focus on building out your online presence in order build brand awareness and authority. 

Unfortunately, many companie claim to know how to do SEO, but only hurt your website and your online marketing efforts by doing low-quality optimization. If you would like to see if your website has had any low-quality optimization, click here to learn about our FREE website audit after you fill out the discovery form.

We know exactly what we are doing and our results really speak for themselves.

How It Works:

First, if you have an existing website, we will audit your website and make sure that previous SEO companies have not done any harm to your website with or without your knowledge. We will check for spam, risky links, fix bad SEO tactics, and then optimize your website so that your business website is properly setup. Think of this as building a strong foundation for the rest of the work we’ll be building on top of it. Therefore, this step is absolutely crucial to the process of ranking your website higher.

If you do not have a website, or you feel that your current website is outdated, our internet marketing will work with you to make sure that it is properly optimized and mobile responsive (over 60% of Google searches are done through a handheld device).

From there we will verify your Google My Business page to help provide relevance to your website and show Google exactly what type of work you do. Then we will provide the various business directories with all of your information, and cross check previous citations to make sure they are consistent across the board. These citations will have high domain authority to ensure that we build the proper trust to your brand and make sure that customers know exactly what kind of services you have to offer. These steps are crucial but often missed with many other internet marketers who are not experts in the SEO field, but rest assured that we are pioneers and trend-setters in the online space and are always on top of the latest strategies. After all, we don't just say we know SEO, we do SEO.


What’s Next?

At this point, we completely dominate our competition with our deep understanding of proper optimization, both on the website and off the website. This means that we are optimizing for both organic results AND for the listings for maps.

The way that our company does things, you will naturally rank well in the 3-pack in the maps and also the organic listings. The importance of marketing and optimizing the listings correctly makes all the difference in whether you are able to be placed in google maps or not. Luckily, we specialize in local seo and known exactly what needs to be done to rank you there.

We can run PPC campaigns as well (paid advertising), but typically, our marketing efforts to place you #1 for your target keyword organically are designed to be sustainable in the long-term (your revenue stops the second you stop paying for advertisement with PPC) and typically have a much higher ROI than any other form of paid advertising.

Since our goal is to dominate the first page with various social properties such as Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Manta, Twitter, Yelp, etc along with your web page, we will make sure to boost those properties so they come up first before any of your competitors. For example, when you search the keyword "canon city seo" you'll notice that we have multiple social properties showing for that key phrase. We do a similar approach for all campaigns so that we can double dip multiple listings for our target keyword!

Some Examples of us holding the #1 Spot for SEO services in the area.

Imagine what this could do for your business!

Canon City #1
Canon City SEO

If you are ready to leap forward and make the decision to go with Jack Kim SEO as your choice for an online marketing platform, feel free to contact us right away. We are ready to take your business to the next level.


“The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity”
Peter Drucker