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As of the date of this website, if you have done or have had SEO work done for your website, odds are you probably did not have the best SEO company in the past. Maybe you might have heard that one of your employees are good at stuff on the computer and the internet, and asked them to do SEO for your business. In other cases, you might have received an email from a random company who said they could do SEO work for $299.99. Unfortunately, this is probably a bad idea and here’s why.

An SEO company who knows SEO and does SEO (not just knows how to make a facebook business page and say they can do SEO) understands that there are large number of factors that go into putting a website on the first page. They also know that it is constantly changing, and need to continually test to make sure that the SEO tactics they utilize are what Google is looking for.

Imagine its like being a safe. And what’s inside the safe is ranking on the first page for your trophy keyword in your local area and if you have the top spot and you’re bringing in TONS of traffic, meaning tons of new customers, more revenue, and more money in your pocket to save up for your kid’s college, to go on that trip you always wanted, to hire new employees, to pay your employees better, etc. (By the way if you sign up with me, the first thing I do is calculate how much potential customers I can bring to your customers for FREE as long as you fill out our discovery form).

Now, the “code” to crack the safe is basically Google’s algorithm. For example, it could be a simple an equation like so:

ab + x + d+ z =  y

y= code to crack safe

In this case, each of the letters are a certain variables that google adds up and evaluates to grade the overall score of the website. For example, ab could be how old your website is (yes that is a factor so if you have a new website it’s not going to get as much credit as an older one), x may be how many social profiles you have like facebook, twitter, etc. etc., d may be how many people are sharing your website, and z may be the actual content on your website and if it has certain keywords in it that google is looking for to check on its relevancy. Of course it’s much much more complicated today than something like that, and continues to get more and more complex as google’s algorithm continues to improve, but you can see how complex the thing is, and someone that doesn’t do SEO day in and day out are gonna get smoked by the competition that study SEO all day and have more resources to deploy than them. That’s a problem because in order to get the best results, you have to hire the best; a mediocre firm is going to get you mediocre result. And that’s a problem. Why? Because google’s search engine is designed to favor the top 10 websites that’s on on the first page when you search for any key term, and they are the ones that almost exclusively capture that market. This is why at the very least, you have to be working with the top 10 SEO company in your area, and why moving forward to 2018, it is imperative that you hire a quality SEO company.

Think about it, asking an employee to do your SEO is like hiring a person to fix your car simply because they know how to drive and know the basic functions of the car. There are so many intricate details that go into doing quality SEO that actually obtain results, that people who have done SEO and understand the pains and troubles of ranking websites, as well as the headaches that go along with analyzing data from experiments and seeing what gets penalized etc. are the only people that truly are qualified to do SEO work for you. Do you think the company out of India or a firm asking a few hundred dollars really have the resources to be able to do this type of testing on your website and then implement it? Absolutely not. If you own a McDonalds and need someone to fry your fries, you’ll have to pay them around $9/hr full time and comes out to $1,440 a month. Our SEO work potentially brings businesses anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000/ month. And you expect to see that kind of result paying $299?

We turn businesses around. We don’t just say we can do SEO. We do SEO and obtain results. Don’t skimp out on SEO work, and if you have been on the fence of doing SEO work on your website, then quickly pick up the phone and call 719-452-4322 *wink* but if not, at the very least find an SEO company near you and make sure that you vet them and make sure they really know what they’re doing. If you hire a quality SEO company, it very well may be the best decision you’ll make for 2018 and on and on.


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